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We offer high quality professional private music lessons for several instruments:

  • Piano lessons
  • Guitar lessons
  • Aural Skills
  • Music Theory
  • Advance Skill Tutoring (college or high school)

Ideal students for private music lesson with Torres Music Academy are anybody, any age, and any skill level. 

Torres Music Academy provides experienced professional private music lessons for a variety of diverse students, young children, teens, adults, senior citizens, and special needs. 

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We want you to be sure that Torres Music Academy is a fit for you or your young learner. Let’s consider your first private music lesson a FREE trial run.

During your first free private music lesson

  • Meet your music teacher
  • Assess your skills
  • Discuss goals and specific interest
  • Cover personalize practice techniques

Mr.Jose teaching adult woman piano

Ofrecemos Clases Particulares de Música en Español

¿Prefieres una lección en español o aprender a tocar música latina?

Torres Music Academy ofrece clases de música privadas profesionales de alta calidad en:

  • Clases de piano
  • Clases de guitarra
  • Habilidades auditivas
  • Teoría musical
  • Tutoría de habilidades avanzadas (universidad o escuela secundaria)