Music Lessons Tailored to Fit Your Interest, Style & Skills

At Torres Music Academy we empower our students through meaningful music education, because a passionate learner is an eager learner. Our teachers are formally and classically trained at the collegiate level but that style is not for every student. The Torres Music Academy learning methodology provides structured music lessons that guides students as they learn music that inspires their creativity.

Mr. Jose showing a boy student sheet music instruction on the piano

Piano Lessons

Not your typical piano lessons. Piano lessons open the door for future musicianship. We provide one-on-one private piano lessons and sibling or group piano lessons for youngster and adults. Our teaching methodology inspires, empowers, and delivers results. We can teach basic concepts like scales, key differentiation, and rhythm to advance play foundations meant to support collegiate auditions.

Smiling boy hold an electric guitar. Happy guitar student.

Guitar Lessons

Ready to learn how to jam? We offer guitar lessons for every musical interest from classical to electric styles. Torres Music Academy guitar lessons promote creativity along with teaching foundational music theory and technique. We teach guitar to the goals of our students, whether that is for solo performances, band practices, or picking up a new hobby. Group, sibling, and ensemble lessons are available too!

Voice Lessons Student at Torres Music Academy

Aural Skills & Singing Lessons

Learn aural skills & singing lessons that focus on listening, perception, and musical understanding. Torres Music Academy provides singing lessons accompanied with aural skills training that enhance our students ability to learn and interpret music more effectively. Our singing lessons curriculum complements aspiring vocalist by teaching foundational singing technique such as aural skills, breathing, posture, and dictation. We ensure students will gain strong aural skills that support a singer’s ear training and sight-singing.

Jose Torres conducting at San Diego University.

Advanced Skills & University Prep

Are you in search for an instructor to support your advanced musicianship or help you prepare for university or conservatory? Torres Music Academy offer advanced music lessons that support performance coaching, audition preparation, music theory and mental preparation. Whether you’re auditioning for a top-tier university or conservatory, our music major preparation program is designed to help you succeed!