Mr. Jose showing a boy student sheet music instruction on the piano

Music arts and music education are essential to youth development.

Jose has seen the first hand the impact music education can have on a person’s life. Torres Music Academy students come from a variety of skill level and playing style backgrounds.

Torres Music Academy students:

  • Perform better in school
  • Improve their self-esteem and self value
  • Some start creating their own music
  • Build discipline through learning practice & repetition skills

Jose Torres the Music Teacher

Mr. Jose has taught [our child] how to read music, play with 2 hands, and sing as they play

Parent Testimonial, Instagram

Jose Torres is the owner and founder of Torres Music Academy. Born and raised in the Dallas metroplex, Jose has deep roots in the community.

Jose Torres offers private lessons in both English and Spanish. He has taught a variety of students including specials needs and even toddlers.

Music teacher Mr. Jose adjusting young male student's hands on the guitar.
Mr.Jose teaching adult woman piano

What if I already know how to play?

Many Torres Music Academy students come in search of a music instructor who can elevate their musicianship.

Jose has a degree in Music Education and Theory from the highly recognized music program at San Diego State University.

His teaching style provides tidbits from his formal classical training while letting the student be in control of how they want to learn. Jose provides clear dialog with his students and the parents of students to understand specific learning goals and growth points.

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